The Phantom Piper (Paperback)

The Phantom Piper (Paperback)

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It's David's first night at his grandad's in the small lakeside town where he's staying for the summer. . .

He missed his own room, its walls covered with posters of the Toronto Maple Leafs, his favourite hockey team. He missed the warm feeling he got when he turned the lights off and gazed at the fluorescent stars on the ceiling. When David finally tossed off the covers and closed his eyes, he drifted into a strange dream. In the dream, he struggled to keep control of a small boat while the lake rose around him. A huge wave swept over the boat. He clung to the mast as another wave bore down on him. Just as it smashed against the boat, he heard the faint sound of bagpipes. . .

With his new friend Emily, David finds real-life adventures on Lake Huron and meets The Phantom Piper.

#3 in the Brucedale Backpackers series of outdoor adventures for young readers

Cover design and illustrations by Lin Souliere of Dragonfly Ridge Studio, Lion's Head.

Details: Paperback, 84 pages, ISBN 1-896922-31-7 978-1-896922-31-7

Price: $8.95