The Bruce (Hardcover)

The Bruce (Hardcover)

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Author: Robin Hilborn

Robin HIlborn is a retired information officer for the federal government and author of the local histories Southampton Vignettes (2010), Heart of the Great Lakes (2015).

This hardcover book is the companion to The Bruce Documentary Series, (found in the Documentary DVD Collection) which also has three parts. The topics reflect those in the film, but with much more historical background than is provided in the documentary. 

The documentary and the book, explore the ancient relationship the Saugeen Ojibway have with this territory and the lengths they go to hold onto that relationship, especially the right to fish. We learn about the regions rapid colonization period and the area’s equally rapid decolonization as people left for greener pastures in western Canada.  Discover how tourism and the arrival of the world’s largest nuclear power station changed things here. As well, you will uncover how the Bruce becomes one of the most important natural area’s in Ontario.

Details: 236 pp., hardcover, bibliography, index, ISBN-10: 0802060072ISBN-13: 9780802060075