Paddle to Rattlesnake Island (Children's Paperback)

Paddle to Rattlesnake Island (Children's Paperback)

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by Donna Stewart

This book was inspired by a trip in the Fishing Islands of Lake Huron! 

Paddle to Rattlesnake Island takes Katie and Matt on a kayaking adventure full of surprises.

It all happened so fast, Katie did not know why Roxanne had yelled at her. All she knew was that Roxanne and Matt were floating in front of her, sideways. It was as if she was lying on a couch, and looking at a TV. All she could see beneath her was dark, dark, green water of the deep lake.

This book is #1 in the Brucedale Backpackers series of outdoor adventure stories for young readers. Katie and Matt learn kayaking skills and find excitement on a camping trip.

Cover design and illustrations by Lin Souliere of Dragonfly Ridge Studio, Lion's Head.

Details: Paperback, 88 pages, ISBN 1-896922-21-X 978-1-896922-21-8

Ages: 6-11

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