Eastern White Cedar Pendant
Eastern White Cedar Pendant

Eastern White Cedar Pendant

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by Samantha Fleming Auger

The Eastern White Cedar pendant is quite literally a piece of the place you love! 

Created at Spring Creek Minerals by local artist Samantha Fleming Auger this piece is hand-crafted using recycled copper, local botanical materials and carefully sourced minerals from around the world. 

Copper was selectively deposited onto this wearable art in a multi-day process called electroforming. Electroforming uses a power rectifier and specific solution to create an electrolyte bath which allows a copper transfer from an anode to cathode (your unique jewellery piece was submerged in the bath and considered the cathode). Low current was used and after several hours a strong copper layer formed around this item. Many steps of coating, painting and filing took place before and after going in the “bath”.

Botanical materials have been carefully harvested from the artist's property on the Bruce Peninsula.

Dimensions: Pendant: 2" X 1"

Price: $70.00