The Topo Series Lion's Head Mug

Our love of the Bruce boils down in large part, to the landscape. From the powerful waves and sandy shores of Lake Huron, to the rich farming and grazing pastures of the interior, to the Niagara Escarpment that dominates the east coast of the peninsula in the northern section, the geographical features beneath our landscape are what makes this place unique.

We thought it fitting that one of our first product designs celebrate the geographic features of the Bruce. An artistic, creative rendering of some special spots by Sally Cooper Lunn is just enough to bring back memories, or make us feel like we're 'home'. We hope you feel the same! 

The summer of 2020, will definitely be one to be remembered. Our South Bruce Peninsula located boat tour business, started, stopped, and started again! It all turned out well, but we do wish we'd had a crystal ball in May!

The Bruce is experiencing a seismic shift, we think. Between the activities in the nuclear industry in Saugeen Shores, working from home and cottage, online learning and decisions made to improve quality of life in the midst of a pandemic, our real estate agents are super busy. 

Tell us what your special Bruce County places are! If it is Lion's Head... we hope you'll brew a pot of coffee or tea and pour a cup into The Topo Series Lion's Head Mug. Think of the dolomite cap of the escarpment that reminds us we were once in the middle of a saltwater sea, the trails, the bush, the Saturday market, Georgian Bay, the amazing little shops and the people of the Bruce. 

Tell us about your favourite spots! A Sauble Beach Topo Series product, is coming soon!


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